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News of Thomas Hate.


Fatal Accident- On Thursday last, an elderly man named Thomas Hate, residing at Northumberland Heath, was driving home, having been engaged during the day in his ordinary occupation of selling vegetables through the streets of Woolwich, when he stopped by the Red Lion public house at Plumstead Village, to take up a truss of hay. While standing in the cart, and assisting to lift the truss of hay, he overbalanced himself and fell to the ground head foremost. He was taken up senseless and died in a few minutes. Dr. Allinson was soon in attendance, but his services were of no avail, life being extinct before his arrival. The deceased was 64 years of age, and a very old member of the Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows, in consequence of which his funeral will be conducted by the Bexley Lodge to which he belonged, and will probably be on a grand scale.

The Red Lion public house, Plumstead High Street.

Plumstead High Street c.1900. The Red Lion public house is on the left.

This newspaper report is from the Kentish Independent. Week Ending 25th November 1859. Thomas Hate died on the 17th November 1859. The news item was extracted by Barbara Foot, April 2004. To view Thomas Hate’s death certificate click here . For  more about Thomas Hate:

The photograph of The Red Lion public house, Plumstead, is shown with the kind permission of the Greenwich Heritage Centre. You can find similar photographs of local interest at Ideal Homes website.

It’s items like the newspaper report above, on the accidental death of poor Thomas Hate in 1859, that puts the meat on the dry bones of the names and dates we collect whilst carrying out research into our family history. We sincerely hope that you are able to find some bones and perhaps a little meat to go with them, while you browse these pages.

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