These help pages consists mainly of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.  The answers often take the form of a series of screen shots, annotated with instructions.  They are not by any means all original work.  We have built on the help facilities that other TNG users have developed. We would particularly like to thank Dave Foster who kindly permitted us to use his website help pages in the construction of these.

N.B. In many cases links on this page will open a new page or tab, which will allow you to switch between this page and the page being studied.

Finally, if you cannot find the help you need within these pages, please tell us.  We will address the problem, and update the help pages accordingly.  You can contact us by using the Contact link in the top menu above.


There are two main section to this site – Genealogy and Family – the Family section is simpler to use, but may still need a little explaining so if you wish to go directly to the Family Help section then click on this link – FAMILY HELP.


The Genealogy section of the site uses a web software package called TNG – The Next Generation of genealogy sitebuilding.  This software has so many features that it may be  possible for you to miss some of the useful functions available. To avoid that eventuality we offer the following link -  GENEALOGY HELP

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